A Flourishing Finish for C&C: 2020 in Review

  • Posted on: 28 December 2020
  • By: Tori
A Flourishing Finish for C&C: 2020 in Review

Much has already been written about the challenges of the past year, so I won’t jump on that already overcrowded bandwagon. But suffice it to say, the term “2020 vision” has a new meaning for all of us here at C&C. Like most businesses, we had no idea what to expect when things turned sideways in March. How long will social distancing go on? What kind of restrictions will be placed on our ability to work? How can we continue to provide exceptional service while making safety a priority?

We didn’t have immediate answers to these queries, but we did have a common focus: to make our company better than ever, no matter the seeming obstacles. So, Victoria and I doubled down and escalated our efforts at excellence while working to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. 

Here are just a few of the amazing things that we’re grateful to be able to celebrate as the year winds down:

Primo Project Manager – We were elated to add a very accomplished project manager to our lineup in February. He is an ASU alumnus with a background in real estate and over 20 years as an Arizona resident, and we were thrilled to welcome him aboard. His knowledge of local properties, the subtleties of the market and solid experience in both client relations and management have made him a key part of the C&C team. We were also pleased to add several new superlative subcontractors to further strengthen an already outstanding crew.

The Upside of Staying Inside – The novelty of quarantine wore thin for many of us all too quickly. Fortunately, we were able to help both ourselves and our treasured clientele to make the most of being homebound. The more time people spent inside, the more they realised the need for increased comfort in their surroundings. It was our honour to help our clients to renovate their indoor décor and turn their backyards into beautiful sanctuaries by partnering with some of the most elite designers, landscapers and architects in the state.

Panels for the Planet – Whether it was the 26% Arizona federal solar tax credit or an increased regard for the environment (or both), Team C&C was pleased to see a significant rise in the installation of solar panels in 2020

Time to Wine Down – One of the more pleasant surprises in 2020 was our clients’ increased interest in premium wine storage. So much so, that our sister company Exquisite Wine Cellars was launched earlier this year. We have since enjoyed creating not only traditional types of cellars, but “wine walls” made of everything from glass and ironwork to antique wood that serve as pieces of artwork in their own right. 

As 2020 wraps up, we are feeling incredibly blessed to see our calendar filling up with confirmed jobs for the new year, as well as increased opportunities to strengthen ties with our trusted suppliers. Speaking for all of our growing C&C team, Victoria and I wish you a safe and happy holiday and a 2021 filled with much health and happiness!