Here Comes the Sun: Solar Rays for Better Days

  • Posted on: 22 May 2020
  • By: Tori
Here Comes the Sun: Solar Rays for Better Days

Here Comes the Sun: Solar Rays for Better Days

With temperatures already having hit the triple digits as early as April this year, the temptation to start moaning about the upcoming blast furnace (aka, summer) is definitely great. But in light of the massive amount of indoor time we’ve all had of late, it makes loads more sense to me to be celebrating the sun. And while I’m not about to leap into the debate as to whether or not sunshine is able to vanquish the coronavirus, it’s a widely accepted concept that the sun can play an important role in health and healing – for us humans and for our planet as a whole. 

Here are just a few things to consider as our state begins to open back up and we make our way towards more time in the great outdoors:

Mood Boost – Turns out that “sunny disposition” is more than just an expression. Research has shown that mental distress tends to be higher in areas where sunlight is limited much of the year. Thankfully, sunlight is plentiful here in the Sonoran Desert, and spending just a few minutes a day basking in it can increase mood-lifting chemicals and help to stave off anxiety and depression.

Get on the D-List – We’re often cautioned to slather on sunscreen and/or avoid sunning ourselves altogether. And while hours of tanning time may be ill-advised, a moderate amount of direct sunlight (approximately 15 minutes a day) is one of the best ways to help our bodies produce vitamin D, which keeps bones, teeth and muscles healthy, as well as giving support to the immune system. 

Panels for the Planet – The C&C team has had more people recently inquiring about the installation of solar panels.  This could be partly due to Arizona’s 26% federal solar tax credit (which steps down to 22% in 2021, then disappears after that). However, I can’t help but think that this time of forced reflection has resulted in more interest in – and support for – alternative energy. It’s really quite remarkable that we have the ability to harness the sun’s rays and create this cleaner form of energy to both heat and cool our homes. The only “solar power” the early settlers had was literally waiting for the sun to come up in hopes of staying warm (and figuring out how not to broil to death in the summer months).

While we realise the necessity of proceeding with caution when it comes to moving back toward some semblance of normal, Victoria and I are grateful to be seeing these signs of renewal and restoration. As the temperatures continue to rise, so do our hopes for brighter (questionable pun intended) days ahead.