Healthier, Smarter, Stronger: Coming Back Better

  • Posted on: 2 July 2020
  • By: Tori
Healthier, Smarter, Stronger: Coming Back Better

Healthier, Smarter, Stronger: Coming Back Better

One of the things I love most about Arizona is the spirit of strength and ingenuity that has been part of the landscape since the earliest settlers came out West. No matter the challenge, Arizonans rise up to meet it straightaway. And they don’t strive to move past the difficulty just enough to return to the status quo. They keep going until they’ve taken themselves to a new level. 

And the recent sentiment of the state governor urging us to “Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger” is a great reflection of that philosophy. It’s understandably easy to become resigned to the idea that the way things are now is going to become the “new normal”. (No disrespect intended to any who use that term, but please don’t be offended if I begin banging my head against a wall the moment it’s uttered.) And while the entire C&C team is fully committed to taking all proper precautions for health and safety, we are equally committed to helping our businesses and community residents to come back better than before. 

Here are just a few thoughts I’d like to share as we all move forward together: 

Caution vs. Fear – It has been quite heartbreaking to see so many of our beloved businesses closing for long periods (or sadly, for good). The owner of one of our favourite local restaurants recently sent out a notice to her patrons saying that they would be closing until fall, after which they plan to make a return. She said that she had been hopeful that opening the dining rooms in May with new safeguards in place would help, but many people told her that they were simply too afraid to go out. And while everyone must do what they feel is best to fortify their health, it is my sincere hope that we will all do what we can to support local businesses as best we’re able. Caution protects, but fear paralyses. 

Ingenuity Endures – In spite of this new economic climate, there are still companies who are relying on their creativity to generate more business. One local cleaner was lamenting the fact that fewer people were laundering dress shirts because most everyone is working from home. So, she came up with a clever “shorts and shirts” special since many people are attending meetings via Zoom dressed in business attire from the waist up whilst donning their finest pair of swim shorts adorned with palm trees and pineapples (you know who you are).

Building on Strength – This may seem counterintuitive, but there is actually an ongoing housing shortage in Arizona which has resulted in quite a bit of residential building happening. And there are still companies moving to Arizona, one of which is a well-known financial services company constructing a rather massive complex just off the 101 freeway. Of course, as a builder myself, I’m perhaps inclined to notice new construction more than most people. But seeing an active job site gives me a sense of optimism that in the midst of so much tumult there is still positive growth going on.

We can’t control what seems to be a near-constant stream of confusing and unsettling news. But we can control how we choose to react to it. And as for myself, Victoria and our C&C family, we are doubling down on our belief that health and prosperity will ultimately prevail for our beloved Arizona, as well as worldwide.