Talking storage solutions

  • Posted on: 24 December 2015
  • By: Jamo

The proverbial problem. Not enough storage space. We seem to amass more and more things as we go along in life, but we don't seem to make our houses bigger. Or at least thats how it appears. With the clever use of existing space its possible to construct intelligent storage solutions that hide things away and create order. Our last job of 2015 was to do just that. In a mid 80's semi detached house, the client needed storage in the 3rd floor bedroom, making it into a more friendly place, and maximising the use of lost space under the slope of the roof. We rolled up our sleeves, sharpened our pencils and came up with a design that not only gave additional storage space complete with automatic lighting, but also a walk in wardrobe too. Result: A very happy client with extra storage space just in time to welcome the extended family for Christmas!

The cabinets were built with the possibility to fit drawers in the middle two doors at a later date if required
The colour was chosen to offset the darkness of the ceiling panels
A hanging rail and shelves are part of the fittings in this space
These shelves in the two central cupboards are removable should drawers be fitted at a later date.