Let it Rain: Preparing Your Home for Monsoon Season

  • Posted on: 25 September 2019
  • By: Tori
Let it Rain: Preparing Your Home for Monsoon Season

While people in other parts of the country complain about gray skies and showers, we Arizonans practically do a celebratory dance whenever precipitation comes our way. But one can still have too much of a good thing. Hence, the monsoon season, when our beloved desert is not only doused with massive rainfall, but we also get the added bonus of high winds, humidity and possible flooding. 

While we can’t control the weather, the good news is, we can lessen the impact it has on our homes. Here are just a few ways to help you prepare for the monsoon season and protect your property:

Roof Repair – To head off the possibility of leaks, it’s a great idea to have your roof inspected annually by a licensed roofing contractor (most will provide the inspection free of charge). A reputable roofer will check for defects that make the roof vulnerable to strong rains and winds, such as cracked, slipped or missing tiles, or deteriorated underlayment. The simple, relatively inexpensive fix of sealing or replacing a few cracked tiles can save you from much costlier repairs down the road. 

Tend to Your Trees – You treasure your trees, but they can also be a source of property damage during a storm. Trim any unwieldy branches on larger trees that could potentially snap off and cause harm. Reducing the number of branches allows strong monsoon winds to pass through them and prevent the tree from uprooting. Be sure to stake any smaller trees to withstand the weather, and prune palm trees that have browned, as those can quickly become kindling if lightning should strike. 

Window Watch – Unstable windows can be particularly problematic during storm season. Impact resistant windows made of double-pane glass are a great option. Like car windshields, this type of window will take a beating without shattering. Storm shutters (or even just regular shutters) are another viable choice for keeping windows protected from strong winds and flying debris. 

Banish Bugs – While the monsoons help keep the heat down, they also bring the humidity up, which can leave you with a house full of insect pests. Check your screens for holes and proper fit, and consider having them replaced if they’re overly worn. Stagnant water is particularly attractive to mosquitoes, so be sure to check for pools of it near your house or garden and get rid of them as quickly as possible before they attract unwelcome company. 

Look Out for Lightning – Lighting strikes may not seem commonplace, but it’s still a smart idea to consider different ways of protecting your home from them. Installing a lightning protection system (also called a “lightning rod”) connected to a series of grounded conductors can drop your risk of lighting damage by 90%. The rods are only about ten inches high, so they aren’t terribly obtrusive. You can also hire a licensed electrician to install a lightning arrester and/or a surge protector. This will guard your home electronics from damage if lightning strikes a nearby electrical or phone line. 

By giving your property a little TLC in advance, you can sit back and enjoy the cooler temperatures and often spectacular skies that the monsoon season delivers (not to mention the beautiful aroma of soaked creosote bushes). Still have questions? Just email or give us a ring. We’re always happy to provide solutions for any seasonal challenge!