Showroom Success for Create & Construct Scottsdale

  • Posted on: 26 November 2018
  • By: Sasha
Showroom Success for Create & Construct Scottsdale

Showroom Success for Create & Construct Scottsdale 

Because moving across the planet from Switzerland to the Sonoran desert wasn’t nearly exciting enough, Victoria and I decided to add another adventurous undertaking to our repertoire: opening a showroom in the heart of the Scottsdale Quarter. We considered a few other locales, but it soon became apparent that the Quarter was the perfect setting for our unique vision: a full-service design centre that was aslo a gallary filled with the work of local and internationaly known artists.

In keeping with our fanatical (in a good way) dedication to quality, we made sure to provide only the most exquisite tile and flooring options, custom cabinetry and appliances. However, we had something that was equally – or perhaps even more – important to offer: a cooperative space where architects and interior designers could come with their clients to get and share fresh, new ideas. To take the sense of overwhelm out of the process of a remodel and turn it into an experience that was inspiring and energizing for everyone involved.

Our idea of creating a relaxed, collaborative environment for design professionals soon caught on, and we found ourselves on the receiving end of some very gratifying industry attention. It wasn’t long before our showroom was regularly hosting social gatherings ranging from pop-up art events to disc jockeys and culinary demos. We loved the ever-evolving nature of our store, and the fact that people enjoyed coming back time and again to see what was happening next.

But as fantastic as the showroom experience was, we had a decision to make once the end of our first year came around: should we renew the contract on the space or not?

There was no denying that that we had built a beautiful showcase for the top-quality kitchen and homewares we represented. And featuring spectacular pieces by renowned artists was not just an honour, but a unique attribute that set us apart from the other home design centers in the area.

But as much as we loved our time in the Quarter – and all of the wonderful people we got to meet as a result of being shop owners – we came to realise that being in the retail space had already served its purpose. At the end of the day, our hearts were always pulling us toward working with both architecture and artwork to renovate homes and bring people’s dreams to life. Rather than tending to a storefront, we wanted to be out in the community every day, doing what our company was founded upon: creating and constructing.

We are grateful to have developed and maintained amazing relationships with our vendors and artists alike, and have been absolutely thrilled to see our business expand to include new facets such as home staging, art curation for events or individuals, and commissioning one-of-a-kind custom art pieces.

The showroom may be gone, but the show goes on. And we can’t wait to see where it takes us in the new year!