The most expensive room in the house?

  • Posted on: 29 February 2016
  • By: Jamo

When we think about the most expensive room in the house, many things spring to mind. The bathroom? tiles, showers, bathtubs, sinks, the list goes on. How about the Kitchen? Wall and floor units, electrical appliances, marble worktops, and so on. Possibly the living room. Expensive rugs, drapes, carpets. All of these could qualify. Or maybe not. Quite simply, the most expensive room in the house, is the one that was badly renovated. Engaging the services of a company that is unimaginative, lacking in skills and ideas, as well as the technical know how to build a room that will last and last, is a recipie for throwing money down the drain. Good building and renovation comes at a price that doesn't cost the earth, but the knowledge and skills needed have to underpin the whole process from start to finish. The selection of the correct materials, their application and installation, and finally the finishing touches, are all things that take time, and are learned through years in the trade. When contacting a renovation company, be aware that the lowest bid may be an attempt to get the contract signed, then once work has started, unleash a nasty string of costly 'surprises' on the client. Don't be afraid to question and compare. Any good builder worth their salt will be happy to spend time with a client to explain the processes that they use. If you engage the services of a reliable, established company, the most expensive room in the house will also be the best!